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Summary of the dialogue activities of January – June 2022

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Alberto MUR

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Last update: 10 Jul 2023

This bi-annual summary provides an overview and the key information from the activities ran by the streamSAVE dialogue groups between July and December 2022, including three dialogue meetings:

Meeting 2 of the groups about Feedback and tailored advice for behaviour changes and Small-scale RES for heating (including Domestic Hot Water)

Meeting 2 of the groups about Accelerated replacement of inefficient electric motors and Modal shift for freight transport

Meeting 2 of the group about Energy efficiency measures to alleviate energy poverty


These meetings concluded the second cycle of dialogue meetings, that was then complemented with two workshops (on freight transport in February 2023, and on energy poverty in March 2023).

A final dialogue meeting in May 2023 discussed further energy savings opportunities (data centres, complementary renovation measures, electrification in industry and modal shift to e-bikes).


Overall, 76 single participants (from 20 countries) took part in at least one of the 3 dialogue meetings in the second semester 2022.

These meetings included 5 external presentations.


You can find the minutes and presentation files of these meetings on the platform (see links above).