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Wednesday 17 May 2023: ‘More energy savings: yes, we can!’

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Alberto MUR

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Last update: 18 Sep 2023

The Dialogue meetings gathered experts and policy officers from various EU Member States to share experience and discuss technical and economic issues related to the savings calculations for Priority Actions, selected based on stakeholders’ needs.


This final Dialogue meeting was organized online on Wednesday 17 May 2023.


The streamSAVE project produced calculation methodologies for 10 Priority Actions, covering buildings, industry and transport.

They were tested in 10 countries, and discussed in series of Dialogue meetings together with guest presentations about national experiences or relevant studies (check the proceedings in the previous posts on this platform).


The final Dialogue meeting started with summarizing the main lessons learnt from these two years, and then discussed further energy saving opportunities with guest presentations on buildings, industry and transport.


You can find the presentation files, agenda and minutes below, as attachment to this post.


The recordings of the sessions are available here:


This playlist includes the following recordings (with the numbering of the presentations as in the presentation files in attachment to this post)

Session 1 (Findings from the streamSAVE methodologies):

01: Take away’s from the 10 Priority Actions covered in streamSAVE, by Elisabeth Böck (AEA – Austrian Energy Agency)

02: Lessons learnt from applying the streamSAVE methodologies in 10 countries, by Christos Tourkolias (CRES – Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Savings)

Session 2 (Buildings)

03: Achieving Sustainable Digitalization: Strategies for Energy Savings in Data Centres, by Çağatay Yılmaz (Research Institutes of Sweden, project coordinator of the ECO-Qube project)

04: Complementary measures for building renovations (Václav Šebek and Jiří Karásek, SEVEn)

Session 3 (Industry)

05: Decarbonization of industrial heating processes using electrotechnologies: potentials and challenges, by Pr. Egbert Baake (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

06: Deploying heat pump heat upgrading technologies: insights from PUSH2HEAT (Sanjay Vermani, VITO/EnergyVille)

Session 4 (Transport)

07: Assessing energy savings from policy measures promoting modal shift to e-bikes: the Austrian experience, by Gregor Thenius, AEA


Below the videos on YouTube, you can find the names of the presentations, as well as the time landmark for the start of each one, to make your navigation through the presentations easier.


Your feedback on streamSAVE and the dialogue meetings is welcome at this open online form: