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What is a Dialogue Group?


A Dialogue Group gathers experts and policy officers from various EU Member States to share experience and discuss key issues related to the savings calculations for a given Priority Action.

The StreamSAVE team facilitates the exchanges by organising web-meetings, providing an online forum and summarizing the main lessons learnt from the discussions.

What are Priority Actions?


The project is working on calculation methods for a selection of Priority Actions. These are technical energy saving solutions with high energy savings potential and selected according to stakeholder needs.

streamSAVE will target a total of 10 Priority Actions over two cycles of experience sharing and capacity building.

Where can I change my interest for specific Priority Actions?

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When you click on your name (right top), you can change your interest in the 'Privacy settings'.

When I follow a discussion topic on the Forum, what does that mean?


This means that you will receive an email each time when a new reaction or comment is posted on the discussion topic.  

How to to react on a discussion topic in the Forum?


You can click on the discussion, write your comment or reaction, and then submit your reply by clicking on 'Post Comment'. If you want, you can also share a graph or file with your peers, by uploading these into your comment. You have the option to post a comment 'anonymously'.  

How to add an item or new discussion topic in the Forum?


You have to go to Forum page, and click on "Add new discussion." You will then see a menu where you will be allowed to add a title, some text, and some keys.


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