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Achieving more savings also means not missing out on available savings opportunities!

General discussion

Last update: 05 May 2023

At the final dialogue meeting on Wednesday 17 May, there will be presentations about new technological developments enabling further savings in data centres and in the electrification of process heat in industry.

But there remains also large energy savings potentials untapped where the solutions are already available.

Václav Šebek and Jiří Karásek (SEVEn) will for example raise the issue of complementary renovation measures and the risk of excluding some available savings opportunities, depending on how renovation programmes are designed.

Carolina Koronen from ECOS will unfortunately not be available to join us on Wednesday 17 May, but she recommended this report by EEB & ECOS about the risk of missed savings related to the implementation of the EcoDesign directive:  "Delays in ecodesign implementation threaten 55% climate target and cost citizens billions", available at

Which could raise the following question: could policy measures reported to Article 7 EED compensate the delays in ecodesign implementation?