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You can find here all resources on streamSAVE activities concerning energy savings calculations

First public deliverable of streamSAVE, D2.1 and annexes are now available for download

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Alberto MORENO

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Last update: 26 May 2021

The streamSAVE consortium has just released a draft of Deliverable 2.1, the project’s first public deliverable in which all partners worked together to provide a thorough overview of the status of energy savings calculations in the EU.

This deliverable presents an extensive collection of existing Bottom Up (BU) methodologies within the Member States. It provides stakeholders with useful information that is typically only available at the national level, in a structured and user-friendly format. 16 catalogues with bottom-up calculation methodologies were identified from 14 different countries and two research projects (multEE, 2016; EMEEES 2009), as were 582 methodologies with application in various activity sectors, covering a wide range of technologies and end-uses.

The report further analyses the existing BU methodologies by sector and end-use within each sector, and identifies the areas less addressed by Member States, placing the importance of each end-use in the calculation of total final energy consumption.

Deliverable 2.1 – Draft, Annex I and Annex II are available for download below.