streamSAVE partners will develop a user-friendly online platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among stakeholders.
This platform will provide all stakeholders with access to a community of experts and resources to better implement energy savings calculation methodologies. The streamSAVE platform will become a central point for experts searching for information and their peers on Priority Actions.

By streamlining energy savings calculations, streamSAVE wants to improve stakeholders™ capacities and skills on energy saving methodologies, which will increase Member States™ chances of successfully meeting the energy efficiency targets.

Bringing these stakeholders together in a joint community, in order to create a long lasting exchange of knowledge and experience, is another goal.

To increase energy efficiency in Europe, streamSAVE sets out the following objectives for itself:

  • Developing and streaming bottom-up savings methodologies. The interactive guidance on streamSAVEs platform will help to widely disperse this knowledge.
  • Building capacity tailored to stakeholder needs by organising peer-to-peer dialogues. Next to the dialogues, the platform will facilitate a community of experts sharing their experiences and techno-economic details on priority actions.
  • Ensuring the sustainability and replicability of the streamSAVE results towards all EU Member States.