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3rd Meeting of the Dialogue Groups on BACS & Road Lighting

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Alberto MORENO

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Last update: 22 Nov 2021

The Meeting 3 of the Dialogue Groups on BACS (Building Automation Control Systems) & Road Lighting was held on Tuesday 9 November 2021.

You can find attached to this post the agenda and presentation file and minutes of this meeting.

This meeting presented and discussed the calculation methodologies developed by streamSAVE together with experience sharing about energy savings from BACS and Road Lighting,. Key points highlighted in the discussions:

–  BACS represent a significant and cost-effective energy savings potential (hence the new provisions on BACS in the amending EPBD2018)

– There is no generic source of data that would provide the share of BAC classes in the buildings stock in each individual Member State, however streamSAVE provides indicative values for three EU regions: North, West and South. National surveys might be needed to further define the baseline.

– Due to the diversity of the service sector, deemed unitary savings for BACS should be differentiated according to the branches or sub-sectors.

– Deemed unitary savings can be useful to monitor energy savings from BACS for large schemes such as EEOS. However, at project level, BACS should enable to use measured data.

– Conservative values of deemed savings can be a way to encourage the use of standard methods with data specific to the energy efficiency projects, when specific data can easily be collected (e.g., for road lighting projects).

– Offering two alternatives (deemed savings or scaled savings) can provide flexibility for project holders to report data in a cost-effective manner


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