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D2.2 - Standardized saving methodologies (Energy, CO2 savings and costs)

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Alberto MORENO

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Last update: 26 Oct 2021

The streamSAVE consortium has just released the intermediate version of Deliverable 2.2.

The Knowledge Facility of streamSAVE is developing streamlined calculation methodologies for savings actions, the so-called Priority Actions: despite their high potential for energy savings, a lack of experience, practices and data is hindering the adoption of these actions by several Member States. This streamSAVE facility develops 10 Priority Actions over two cycles of experience sharing and capacity building. Priority Actions under analysis in the first round are:

– Heat recovery (district heating and excess heat from industry);

– Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS);

– Commercial and Industrial refrigeration system (C&I Refrigeration);

– Electric vehicles (private & public EVs);

– Lighting systems and public lighting.

Next to a general guidance on energy savings calculations for both Article 3 and 7 EED and information on how to assess costs and GHG emissions reduction related to the Priority Actions, this report provides 8 newly developed bottom-up calculation methodologies featuring indicative calculation values, data on costs and estimations of GHG emission reduction. A clear guidance is included for each methodology, so Member States can estimate the monitored and/or ex-ante final and primary energy savings, based on EU-wide averages or can translate these into national specific savings.

Next to this guidance, the methodologies can also be consulted via user-friendly excel templates per Priority Action. These templates are integrated on the online Training module of the streamSAVE platform. 

Deliverable 2.2 – Intermediate version is available for download below.