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21 February 2023, dialogue workshop: “Energy savings in freight transport: opportunities, examples and impacts”

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Alberto MUR

Dialogue workshopModal shift

Last update: 02 Aug 2023

About 31% of the EU27 final energy consumption in 2019 was from transport (Eurostat data). However, only a small share of the cumulative energy savings reported by the Member States to their energy savings obligation for 2014-2020 was achieved in transport.


The online workshop done on Tuesday 21 February 2023 therefore discussed opportunities for energy savings in transport, focusing on freight transport. As more than 77% of the inland freight is done with road transport, the main options discussed were modal shift and improving the efficiency of vehicles


The workshop included the following presentations (see files below):

- Assessing the potential of modal shift for freight transport in EU Member States, by Elisabeth Böck, AEA – Austrian Energy Agency (streamSAVE project)

- Opportunities and impacts of developing modal shift for freight, by Conor Feighan, European Rail Freight Association

- The example of the Ferrobonus and Marebonus programmes in Italy, by Maria Lelli, ENEA – Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

- Discussing options to reduce the energy consumption and GHG emissions from road freight, by James Nix, Transport & Environment


The recording of the workshop is available here:


The minutes of the workshop are also available below.