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2nd Meeting of the Dialogue Group on Electric Vehicles

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Alberto MORENO

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Last update: 22 Jun 2021

The Meeting 2 of the Dialogue Group on Electric Vehicles was held on Tuesday 15 June 2021.

You can find attached to this post the agenda and presentation file of this meeting (and soon the minutes will be published as well).


This meeting presented and discussed the calculation methodology developed by streamSAVE for energy savings from Fuel Switching with Electric Vehicles. Key points highlighted in the discussions:

- Key parameters include the specific energy consumption of the vehicles (both the reference/baseline vehicle and the “efficient” one/EVs) and the average distance travelled.

- The key parameters for the indicative values were calculated based on public literature and regulations (e.g. emissions standards and emissions monitoring). However, using national, or even more specific, values is recommended whenever possible to increase the reliability of the calculations.

- Further analyses would be needed to consider the possibility to define indicative values for behavioural effect, for instance, whether the use of EVs would be related to smaller distances travelled compared to the average for the whole stock of vehicles.

- The values from the European standards on CO2 emissions from vehicles can provide a basis for a harmonised baseline in the context of Article 7 EED.

- Cost data to compare reference and efficient vehicles should be based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), considering the different taxes applying to vehicles, insurance, maintenance, fuel/electricity prices per km, etc. Which prevent defining indicative European average values due to the strong differences among countries. 



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