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2nd Meeting of the Dialogue Group on Public Lighting

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Alberto MORENO

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Last update: 08 Jun 2021

The Meeting 2 of the Dialogue Group on Public Lighting was held on Tuesday 1 June 2021.

You can find attached to this post the agenda and presentation file of this meeting (and soon the minutes will be published as well).


This meeting presented and discussed the calculation methodology developed by streamSAVE for energy savings from road lighting. Key points highlighted in the discussions:

- The objective is to provide approaches that can be used with data commonly available and easy to be acquired.

- The methodology is therefore simplified compared to detailed related technical standards. However, it remains in line with these standards.

- The two approaches (project-based and simplified) included in the methodology are meant to give comparable results. The calculation principle (physics) remains the same. The difference lies in the type and number of data specific to the actions implemented that are needed as inputs to the calculation.

- Providing indicative values is welcome, especially in terms of energy savings per lighting source and about dimming effects.

- While detailed data might be available at local level, there seems to be a lack of national databases that would facilitate detailed calculations when monitoring a national scheme. Which supports the choice of developed a simplified approach. 



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