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3rd Meeting of the Dialogue Groups on Electric Vehicles

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Alberto MORENO

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Last update: 09 Dec 2021

The Meeting 3 of the Dialogue Groups on Electric Vehicles (EVs) was held on Tuesday 23 November 2021.

You can find attached to this post the agenda and presentation file and minutes of this meeting.

This meeting presented and discussed the calculation methodologies developed by streamSAVE together with experience sharing about energy savings from EVs. Key points highlighted in the discussions:

– Sources are available to provide indicative values for both, reference (baseline) and efficient vehicles. However, it is recommended to use national data whenever possible, especially for parameters such as distances travelled or emission factors associated with the electricity mix.

– Rebound effects might be relevant to consider, but cannot be addressed with EU indicative values. It requires empirical data (e.g., surveys).

– The way the electricity mix is considered (e.g., average or marginal emission factors) can have a major impact on the calculation of CO2 savings.

– Beyond the scope of the EED, it is relevant to consider multiple indicators when assessing transport technologies. A single indicator cannot capture the various impacts to be considered.

– Similarly, it is important to make explicit the cycle considered (whole lifecycle, well-to-wheel, tank-to-wheel). For example, the charging losses should not be neglected.


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