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Can Europe learn from the US experience on measuring energy savings from behavioural energy efficiency programmes?

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Last update: 18 Oct 2022

Behavioural programmes have been widely used and reported by US utilities as part of their energy efficiency portfolios, for more than a decade.

Back in 2014, a paper by Anne Dougherty presented at the IEPPEC conference in Berlin already provided a summary about the methods commonly used to evaluate the impacts from typical programmes and the issues these methods raised:

More recently, a protocol to evaluate energy savings from behavioural programmes in the residential sector was published as part of the Unified Methods Project funded by the US Department of Energy:

Could Europe learn from the US experience in this field?

At the next dialogue meeting on 15 November 2022, we'll have the pleasure to hear more about the US experience, thanks to Adam Thomas, Principal Consultant at ADM Associates.

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