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Agenda for next Dialogue Group meeting

Lighting systems

Last update: 22 Apr 2021

The next Dialogue Group meeting for "Lighting Systems" will take place on 1/June/2021, from 15 to 16h CEST.

Below you can see a draft list of potential issues to be discussed, but please provide us with your inputs regarding what other issues may be more valuable:

  1. Baseline calculation/definition (data scarcity, lack of information about installed technologies):

    • National databases with the installed technologies in road lighting? Difficulties getting this information?

  2. Country specific regulation for diming:

    • Available national regulation regarding diming strategies?

  3. What are the most useful indicative values for the savings calculation:

    • Number of burning hours? Energy savings by light source? Lifetime of savings? Diming savings strategies and rates?

  4. What is most valuable: “project approach” or “simplified approach”?

  5. Discussion on the cost effectiveness and CO2 savings of measurements:

    • Benefits, CAPEX, OPEX, maintenance costs, others;

    • In “Road Lighting” these values depend on national lighting “scheme”. Where could this information be found?